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Single earbud only weights 4. So, it is almost impossible to tell which is the Air 2s and which is the Air 2 TWS from the design except by the model marked on the ear stem. When Xiaomi Air 2s is used with the charging box, the battery life can be up to 24 hours, and the battery life of headphones is 5 hours at a time. At the same time, the charging box is compatible with Qi-standard and can be charged wirelessly, making it more convenient to charge.

The battery life of Xiaomi Air 2 with charging case is only 14 hours, and wireless charging is not supported.

Differences Between Xiaomi Air 2S and Xiaomi Air 2 TWS Earbuds

Xiaomi Air 2s is upgraded to a dual-core chip, using a new binaural synchronous transmission technology to transmit sound signals to the left and right headphones at the same time, effectively reducing sound delay and strong anti-interference, and the connection between the left and right headphones is more stable. Turning on the low delay setting can greatly reduce the sound delay, ensure the synchronization of sound and picture, and enhance the video and audio experience of the game.

Although the Mi AirDots Pro 2S has not been upgraded in appearance, the battery life and latency have been greatly optimized, and the price difference between the AirDots Pro 2S and the AirDots Pro 2 is very small, which makes it more worth buying! Apple AirPods: are the latest cheaper AirPods clone your best alternatives?

Huawei P40 Pro review: the combination of software and hardware witnessed the birth of the image flagship. Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro vs. Mi AirDots: are the new true wireless earbuds worth an upgrade? Pulseira Inteligente Plus. Pulseira Inteligente Plus Compre Agora. You may also want to read:.The semi-ear wearable structure and the weight of 4.

Headphone music playback duration of about 4 hours, with the charging box, can last up to 14 hours, headphones and charging boxes support fast charging, one hour can be filled, can be said to be a beautiful partner of 5G mobile phone.

UNBOXING - Aire 2 (Gen. 2) True Wireless "AirPods"

Xiaomi Air2 TWS wakes up a voice assistant with only one "Xiao Ai" or even a mobile phone to wake up a voice assistant to play music, tell stories, check routes, and so on. Completely liberate your hands and make life a lot easier. At the same time, its built-in In addition to sound quality, call noise reduction is also important.

This headset uses dual-microphone array ambient noise reduction technology to effectively reduce ambient noise during calls. Even in a noisy street or office, speech recognition and calls can be clear and smooth.

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At the same time, it also supports personalized settings, headphones with Xiao Ai App use, left and right ears operation mode, headset name and so on can be customized.

Set up according to your preferences, make headphones more in line with your habits, and make headphones smarter and more understanding of you. When the charging box is opened next to the phone, the phone will be alerted by the pop-up window, which can also see the headset and the charge box.

After the first connection, open the charging box to automatically complete the Bluetooth pairing and connection, pick up headphones to enjoy music only in an instant, that is, speed matching pairs do not have to wait. Xiaomi Air2 TWS built-in infrared optical sensor can detect the wearing status of headphones in real-time. Immediately into the ear can be sensed, remove either side of the headset automatically pause playback. Whether you are listening to music or watching a movie, take it off and stop, which is not only better than every frame but also can effectively improve the actual use of headphones.

Xiaomi Air2 (Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro 2) TWS Earphone Hands-on Unboxing Review

You may also want to read:. How to pairing Huawei freebuds 2 pro to Android phone? How to update the firmware version of Huawei Freebuds 2?Back in Septemberthe Chinese brand Xiaomi launched its next invention in the earphone segment. This time the company has hit the market shelves with Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2 Bluetooth Earphone with plenty of attractive specifications.

Today, we will review the product to learn more about its positives and negatives prospects and to ensure whether it is worth buying or not. As we all know, Xiaomi has a huge fan-following in almost each market segment. Be it smartphones, smart vacuum cleaners, earphones, power banks or any other corner.

You will find the Xiaomi-branded products for guarantee. Correspondingly, Xiaomi also keeps on captivating the users through its innovative earphone devices series. The Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2 headphone is a wireless system to deliver unmatchable audio services on the go. Xiaomi has managed to assemble the right technologies to draw superb sound effects and genuine performance on all Bluetooth devices. Externally, the headset comes in a pure white color skin with a compact and lightweight body.

Further, it has a semi-in-ear design to comfort your ears while listening for a long time. It seems heavily inspired by the Apple AirPods Series and gives a reflection to some extent. Technically, the earphone installs Bluetooth 5.

Moreover, the wireless headset adopts two microphones to ensure noise cancellation and voice control specifications. Intelligently, the AirDots Pro 2 packs an infrared sensor to help the headset removal recognition. It pauses the audio as when as you remove the headphones. The Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2 features a Using Bluetooth technology, you can customize your personalization settings for a better experience.

For power, the headphone holds a long-lasting battery to take 1 hour of charging and gives 4 hours of service. The charging case gives around 14 hours of music playtime. Are you looking for wireless earphones with sound technical algorithms? Here the Chinese brand provides us with the true wireless Bluetooth headset with productive features.Soundcore's Liberty Air 2 are great true wireless earphones.

The audio quality is good, but others sound a little better for the cost. There is room for improvement with the touch controls.

They can be finicky and unreliable, even after getting used to them. The app is easy to use, but these unfortunately lack a fully customizable equalizer.

My biggest problem with them is the fit. I simply cannot get them to stay in my ears for an extended period of time, regardless of which size EarTips I try. Others have been able to make these work for them, so I will not dock any stars for that reason alone. When they are in my ears, I do not feel any discomfort, so that is a positive.

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Overall, the Liberty Air 2 are high quality true wireless earphones with good audio and call quality considering the price.

Soundcore can make these even better by improving the touch controls and adding a fully customizable EQ to the app. Even though I have not achieved a secure fit, there is enough to like about these to recommend them to anyone seeking a new pair of true wireless earphones. My sister and I have both this trouble. It just sits weird in our ear and feel like a suction cup.

The left one sits fine but the frequent falling out of the right ear bud making working-out impossible. Does anyone else have this problem or know how I can fix it? I lost a cushion tip and I noticed the box didnt have replacement! I would like to receive mine! I bought these 1 week ago and I realized that the answer call doesn't work.

Other than that, everything is fine! Save your time and get Apple Airpods may cost more but no problems.

aire 2 tws

This is the second time I've bought this product and it malfunctioned both times. The first time I got them the earbuds started to make crackling and popping noises after the first few weeks. It wasn't the volume because it was relatively low. I returned them and got a second pair to try them again. The second time they just stopped working all together after the first month or two.

I had had high expectations for these earbuds considering that the model I had before was the Soundcore Liberty Air the first versionwhich worked better than I could have expected. When these came and stopped working twice, I was very disappointed. I would not recommend this product. These are the worst bluetooth earbuds I've used so far.

They claim "HD Calling" but dont let that fool you, the call quality is garbage. There's so much static and it picks up even the smallest sound and amplifies it for the person you're talking to.

I used these for about 2 weeks and now am having issues with them even powering on or connecting to the phone in general.When it comes to staring at the specs-sheet, you would find it hard to identify key differences between the two sets. Both are identical too exterior-wise. But they still contain some contrasts that we will recognize in this comparison guide. So, keep reading. The Chinese smart technology developer Xiaomi took the stage to unveil a variety of products back in September Now, the brand has made the next move to bring the updated edition of the same wireless TWS device on April 3.

The latest equipment, dubbed Xiaomi Air 2S, features the same physical stature but some notable advancements on the technical specifications sheet. Initially, both earbuds sets were made available for purchase against the same price tag of Yuan in China. Currently, both are blatantly available for purchase in the home country. Physically, both are replicas of each other except some technical improvements in the latter one.

As we mentioned earlier, the physical appearance and build of Xiaomi Air 2 and Xiaomi Air 2S are exactly the same. It is quite tough to recognize any of them at the prima facie. Both share the same white-coloured delicate outlook and comfortable wearing design. In fact, they are close to Apple AirPods in terms of exterior build. The semi-in-ear approach is really impressive in both cases to let you wear the earbuds for long without any bafflement.

You will have a good time with your favourite tracks without any issue. On the outer side, both earbuds set have a touch control panel to help you manage your music tracks.

Additionally, you will get a portable storage-cum charging case in appreciable design. Thy cases store the buds in holes and an integrated openable lid on top.

In terms of physical measurement, both Air 2 vs Air 2S scales 4 x 4. In terms of audio performance, you will not witness any proudful or crucial improvement in the latest edition over the previous one. Furthermore, the ENC algorithm helps reduce the background environmental noise during phone calls to capture HD voice recognition even in noisy surroundings. The The Xiaomi Air 2S features the upgraded dual-core chipset. It transmits sound waves to the left and right earbuds simultaneously using the binaural synchronous transmission technology.

This is what Xiaomi is advertising the Xiaomi Air 2S earbuds for.Customer Reviews 4. Questions Photos Upload Thank you for submitting a review!

Your input is very much appreciated. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! They work great with my iPhone XR.

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Super price. I also bought their i Pro and like them even better. More bass and noise reduction. Anyone who wants the real deal without paying a fortune, buy from here! I had a shipping issue but customer service cleared it up. As for the earbuds themselves, they are almost exactly identical, wireless charging, individual earbud support, quick connect, noise cancellation, and even bass.

I'm very very impressed. Thanks Moweek! Zoom the image with the mouse. Please add engraving text by clicking the Add Custom Engraving button.

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aire 2 tws

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More Filters. Was this review helpful? New Zealand. Tap features. United States.The Air 2 Super is the next generation of Earbuds that comes in a exact size and match. The Air 2 is made from premium materials, it has the same premium chipset and the case is a The Air 2 Pods are one of our best super copies but if you need longer battery life we recommend the i TWS which is built for long listening you can get them here.

aire 2 tws

If you're looking for the most premium experience while still saving a lot of money. This is what you want. It will give you the look you need and your friends won't ever notice the difference.

Xiaomi Air 2 TWS Review: Full Features Introduction

Overall we recommend this as our absolute best product available. Just have a read of the reviews below! We use the most premium chipsets, speakers, drivers and plastics to ensure you get a great quality headphone and don't have to pay the premium price other Branded headphones cost.

The AIRE 2 does not have markings. This ones does. We believe in the product so if you place an order and something goes wrong. Simply send them back to us for a full refund.

Or just have a look at reviews left by our customers at the bottom of this page. Or visit our Facebook just search for "Podsbay". Shipping calculated at checkout. Whats Your Refund Policy: We believe in the product so if you place an order and something goes wrong. Yesica Y.


They are great But I have one problem that is not a big one but the battery percentage on your phone is not accurate at all but I love them. I really love these!

My friends and I all compared ours and mine were the fake ones nobody could tell! They actually fit the case I ordered and they are for the actual airpods.

The only bug I found was the battery seems to change and not tell me the actual percent but otherwise it works great! It feels a bit cheaper than actual airpods but it is more than worth the money! More than happy with this purchase! Work exactly as outlined with the added bonus of Name Change and GPS location which is not mentioned in the description.

I was very pleasantly surprised by this. They sound great as well! Definitely worth the money. Everything is flawless but when I opened the Airpods it gave me different Battery life it shows different numbers but when I restrted it again everything went well. The pods are good!

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